General questions

Free Delivery is available on all orders over £20.00 within Hereford City limits, if outside of this radius up to 5 miles, a £4.00 delivery charge is added to your order. Outside of this range delivery is £9.00

Delivery within 2 days.

Refunds are given at the discretion of Ogleby Butchers. Normally a full refund is given if you are not satisfied.

We have a range of seasonal boxes, in the summer we have BBQ boxes and at Christmas  we offer Christmas Meat Boxes.

Our Meat is from local Farms around Hereford. We specialise in freshness and our meat quality.

All of our meat be frozen, but is best fresh.

Other questions

VAT: 135 21 24 10

We are one of Hereford’s longest serving Butchers Est. 1924 by William Ogleby.

Located on the Corner of St Owen’s Street. 

Our pig roasts provide the perfect complement to any function, especially weddings, but we also cater for all other occasions including birthdays, engagements, retirements, christenings, corporate events etc. We can cater for any size of party from 30 to 600.


Get in touch for more Information and to arrange a Hog Roast!

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If you have any questions about our produce, please do not hesitate to get in touch.